Monday, 12 September 2011

BLW Sept: Days 6 - 10

Oops! Sorry - the days got away from me a bit there! Here is day 6 through 10 of the menu planner and I promise to post more regularly this week!

Day 6
Breakfast: Yoghurt and plum puree.
[See Day 2]

Lunch: Pear and cheese.
The lunch planned for today was the last of the savoury flapjacks, but we were scheduled to go out on Friday morning [Day 7] and I thought the flapjacks would be better for eating in transit, so we had the planned Friday lunch instead. The pear just vanished, but the cheese (emmental) wasn't such a hit.

Dinner: Beef and broccoli stir fry.
This was from the BLW cookbook and I added Chinese 5 spice and soy sauce to the adult portions to give it a bit more flavour (both are no-go for the baby, as they're too salty). She's going through a bit of a phase at the minute where she doesn't really like meat (apart from sausages), but she did at least try the beef before getting stuck in to the broccoli. She was a bit puzzled by the noodles, and most of them ended up on the floor...

Day 7
Breakfast: Crumpet with marmalade. 
Shop-bought crumpet with a smidgen of home-made orange marmalade. Delicious!

Lunch: Rice cakes and apple.
If you've been paying attention you'll wonder why we didn't have the flapjacks - this is because they'd gone a bit mouldy in the container! I won't try to keep them so long next time - they were made on Day 1 - and I might also use a more air-tight container.

Dinner: Homity pie with carrots and peas.
Another BLW cookbook find - delicious, although the baby was mainly interested in the carrots....

Day 8
Breakfast: Crumpet with jam.
Using up the crumpets with a thin smear of homemade strawberry jam.

Lunch: Pear and rice cakes.
Once again the pear was the favourite. The rice cakes were Organix apple flavoured ones, and although she's enjoyed them in the past, she preferred the real fruit today.

Dinner: Jacket potato with cheese and spring onions.
Cooked in the oven to give it a lovely crispy skin (I can't be doing with microwaved jacket potatoes!), we then scooped out the innards and mashed them all up with the cheese and spring onions. Thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Day 9
Breakfast: Porridge with plum puree.
I made up another batch of plum puree for this week and this time didn't add sugar. She's getting so good with the spoon now so quite a lot of the porridge made it into her mouth and stayed there.

Lunch: Homity pie and cucumber slices.
Cold left-overs from Day 7 - she actually ate far more of the pie this time. I think it was because cold, it stuck together better and was therefore easier for her to eat.

Dinner: Lemon and tarragon chicken, runner beans and sweetcorn.
A very tasty, simple recipe from the BLW cookbook, although I do have a version of my own that we might use next time as it doesn't have any added salt. This was her first go with sweetcorn - fresh from the garden, we just chopped her cob up into rings and she absolutely loved it!

Day 10 
Breakfast: Drop scones.
I made these the evening before with the blueberries left over from last week's organic box and they were very tasty. There were enough to keep (in an air-tight container) for breakfast on Day 12 too. NB, if your baby is still prone to being sick after milk-feeds, do watch out for the colour after eating blueberries....

Lunch: Toast with fishpaste.
Again, I made the fishpaste the night before to a recipe from the BLW cookbook, using tinned tuna. Very easy to make and pretty tasty too. We had this on some (home-made) granary bread.

Dinner: Saag paneer with rice.
BLW cookbook again, although I don't think I'd bother with this recipe very often as it was fairly bland.


  1. Really good to read your experiences with BLW! It's a very 'new' approach to weaning (though actually very antiquated: what mother of 6 kids had time to sit and spoonfeed her youngest offspring, pray tell?) and I have to say I had some sceptical (and damn frightened) reactions to my choice for Philipp.
    He's 15 months now so is eating 'family food' anyway (with a fork/spoon sometimes even!) but I still use the BLW cookbook for a lot of our meals. The meatloaf is a big favourite! :-)
    Enjoy! x

  2. Thanks for the support! I'd definitely agree people can be quite funny about it - I've found that it's mainly other mums who are weaning who can have the most severe reactions to the idea of not doing purees, although their concerns always centre around choking, and (touch wood) we've not had a choking incident after almost 2 months of weaning...