About me

I'm a 30-year old blogger with a keen interest in the environment and the urge to try and make a difference by thinking about the environmental and ethical impact of all aspects of modern life, and aiming to change what I do, buy, make and eat as a result. I was originally inspired to write this blog by journalist and 'Eco-Worrier', Anna Shephard's, great book: How green are my wellies?

This book is a month by month calendar of Anna's experiments in green living, taking advantage of the emphasis on thrift she was taught as a child. I really liked the mix of topics, from keeping worms to encouraging your work colleagues to be more environmentally-conscious and it comes with some suggestions for related 'light' and 'dark' green things to try each month. I've always been interested in the concept of living in 'shades of green', so that if in one area of my life I can only make a small, or light, green change, at least the change has been made and I can balance it out by making a big, or darker green decision elsewhere. For example, both my husband and I have to commute to work (environmentally unfriendly), but we don't have a car (dark green choice) and so travel by train (mid-green decision).

This blog is sometimes about making these decisions, but mostly is just about living them, whether that's through our experiments in growing and cooking our own food, craft projects, home-making or general life. And also there's probably going to be a lot more about green parenting and childcare now that we've been joined by our little Isobel!

In my spare time I'm a wife, mother, and communications professional working for a very well-known university, as well as a freelance copy-editor and proof-reader.