Friday, 23 September 2011

BLW Sept: Days 18 & 19

It's a funny old week, this one, as the grandparents are here and the baby has been out for two mornings at the childminders for some settling in. That means breakfast the last two days has been a bit rushed to get her out the door with all her stuff for 8am, and we've not been having lunch either. I've therefore been trying to pack food that she enjoys to make it as easy as possible for the childminder to get her to eat it (and I'm also a bit paranoid about the mess she makes, so I've started off with some 'neater' food too!)

Day 18
Breakfast: Fruit bread with spreadable unsalted Lurpak.
[See Day 16]

Lunch: Apple and cheese slices (plus a mid-morning Organix biscuit).
The childminder was amazed that she picked the apple slices up and nibbled them, but also confessed she'd cut them smaller than I had as she was afraid the pieces were too big and also that she'd worried she'd not eaten enough (she still won't eat cheese sticks at the minute) so had snuck in three spoonfuls of an Ella's Kitchen fruit puree before Isobel had a tizz about being spoonfed. Oh well - we're all learning together...

Dinner: Salmon and broccoli bake.
A very well-received recipe from the BLW cookbook. I added some more of the purple carrots to this, made my own cheese sauce and left out the breadcrumbs. She hoovered it up!

Day 19
Breakfast: Dates with yoghurt.
This was her first time with dates and they went down quite well. Unfortunately she was a bit slow to start today, so she only managed two spoonfuls of yoghurt before we had to stop to get ready to go to the childminder's.

Lunch: Crumpets with mushroom pate.
[See Day 17 re the mushroom pate]

Dinner: Spinach gnocchi with spicy tomato salsa.
The gnocchi recipe was from an old cookbook of mine, and the salsa was from the BLW cookbook. It was quite a fiddly recipe and, although it was nice, I don't know if I'd bother making it again! It was, however, very much enjoyed by the baby who ate her whole portion!

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