Friday, 30 September 2011

BLW Sept: Days 23, 24 & 25

Ooh, plodding on towards the end of the month - the menu planning is getting easier, but the baby has completely thrown me by dropping another milk feed so that we're now only on two a day (first thing and last thing), so now I'm a bit paranoid about her having a more filling lunch and also getting enough water down her to counter the loss of the milk, particularly in this Indian summer we're having!

Day 23
Breakfast: Porridge with homemade apple butter.
She eats so much of this now - it's amazing!

Snack: Sweetcorn rings (Organix).

Lunch: Cucumber and bread sticks. 
An easy, light lunch for Sunday as we were having a roast dinner later on. The breadsticks are Waitrose own-brand mini breadsticks.

Snack: Dates.
Not enjoyed as much as the first time we had dates, but still ate a few.

Dinner: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots and braised cabbage.
Although the baby is still 'off' meat, she did eventually succumb to a bit of chicken at this meal - seems to depend on her mood!

Day 24
Breakfast: Scrambled egg in pitta bread.
The last time we had scrambled egg on toast, she wouldn't eat the egg. This morning, she let the egg drop out of the pitta bread and then ate it separately...

Snack: Sultana scones.
I made these at the weekend, to a recipe from the BLW cookbook. Spread with Lurpak unsalted they were very well received and make a good snack. Particularly good for if we're out and about, as they don't tend to fall apart too much!

Lunch: Apple slices and yoghurt.
Does what it says on the tin.

Snack: Grapes.
We had an actual mini tantrum when we got to the end of the bowl today - grapes are LOVED!

Dinner: Chicken sandwich with chips and roasted tomatoes.
Using the leftover chicken from the night before, cold, served in homemade bread buns. Although we had roasted tomatoes, the baby ate hers raw (she prefers them that way and they're easier to pick up). Chips were on the menu, but I completely forgot about them so the adults had some potato waffles from the freezer...!

Day 25
Breakfast: Porridge with homemade apple butter.
[See Day 23]

Snack: Wrigglies.
Bit of an odd name - I found them in the supermarket last week when I was looking for snacks that weren't biscuits! They're basically just very thin pieces of dried fruit - today's variety were apple-flavoured.

Lunch: Tuna paste on oat cakes.
The menu plan was for hummous, but I got the wrong pot out of the freezer to defrost...

Snack: Grapes and apple.
The apple was there to minimise the trauma at the grapes being finished - it didn't work!

Dinner: North African squash and chickpea stew with couscous.
First full recipe from my Hugh Every Day Veg book - it was yummy, but I did tinker a bit with the recipe to match what we had in the house. Still a very healthy vegetarian meal, featuring lentils, chickpeas and in this case, butternut squash. The baby loved it and we had so much that she was able to have it for lunch on a couple of days too!

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