Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April in the garden - is spring finally here?

My first 'real' day in the garden of the year, yesterday. I love spring gardening, the greenhouse is a cosy place to work, rather than being roasting hot. Working on the beds is relatively straightforward as there isn't too much growing. And there aren't many weeds yet - a sure sign that Spring is only just beginning to take hold!

Still, as long as they've survived the shock of being moved to the cold frame last night (we've a light frost this morning), we should get a nice crop of early broad beans this year.

There's plenty of seeds and seedlings on their way inside the greenhouse. I also got around to fitting the capillary matting I bought about 6 weeks ago, to see if this helps with the endless watering required at this time of year - I'll keep you posted!

And I took advantage of the sunshine to prepare all the growing beds for the season ahead, and to finally plant the potatoes which have been chitting in the kitchen since late February.

Fingers crossed for a better growing season in 2013 than we had last year!