Monday, 16 February 2009

Ta da!

My very first post!
I'm planning to post frequently on my adventures in the garden this year, as I experiment with growing a range of food from scratch, to share with my wonderful husband (WH). As I come to realisations and decisions about issues and how I can make greener choices an integral part of how I live my life, I'll also post some of my thoughts and suggestions - you can guarantee that they'll all be user-friendly and rigorously tested.

Just a little bit of relevant background - WH and I are currently living in a rented 2-bedroom mid-terrace Victorian property, within 10 minutes walk of a major train station. We don't own a car (WH hasn't even learned to drive, although I suspect that's an enthusiasm thing, rather than an ethical choice!), so we walk, cycle or use public transport wherever possible. We both have to commute to work by train and our choices for living location are therefore tied very closely to being able to continue to do this easily. We're currently saving for a deposit for our own house, for which we have a number of requirements:
  • within 20 minutes walk or cycle of the mainline train station
  • above the flood plain
  • at least 2 bedrooms
  • at least a 60 ft garden for growing veg and fruit, and, ideally, keeping some chickens
  • opportunity to add value through implementing 'green' technologies, etc, such as solar-heated water, grey water recycling, insulation, etc

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