Monday, 16 February 2009

Come into my garden

I'm planning to grow a relatively modest range of vegetables this year, as we're only in the property for a limited time and don't want to invest too much in the garden. Hence, all of our crops will be in a variety of pots, picked up from our local HomeBase (c. 25 min walk - longer when you're coming back laden down with compost/heavy containers!)

This year I'll be growing:
  • Tomatoes - Legend and Roma, possibly some other varieties as I got some free seeds with Kitchen Garden magazine. I'm also trying some companion planting by growing some marigolds, to try and keep the pests at bay.
  • Garlic - spring planting
  • Dwarf beans - borlotto
  • Spring onions - shimonita and lilia
  • Asparagus peas
  • Courgette - Summer Ball F1 hyrbrid
  • Spinach - Bordeaux F1 hybrid
  • Salad leaves - herby mix
  • Herbs - rosemary, oregano, sweet basil, thyme and parsley
Although this might seem a strange selection, I was trying to pick a wide range of vegetables that would complement the selection we get in our fortnightly organic box.

In terms of equipment, I've a miniature greenhouse where I plan to grow a couple of things from seed under cover once the weather gets warmer and a makeshift shelf set up in our dining room for the first seeds I sowed last weekend - the herbs and marigolds.

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