Sunday, 16 December 2012

Homemade gifts (2) - thank goodness it isn't a trilogy!

The end is in sight - a manic fortnight of candying, preserving, baking and wrapping has almost reached its conclusion (and in time for the second class post, too!) I thought it would be illuminating to write a post about handmade gifts whilst this period of frenzied activity is fresh in my mind, as, too often, in the hazy post-Christmas glow I find myself downplaying the sheer amount of time and effort that goes into creating what is, in the end, only a handful of edible festive boxes. In the last two weeks I've alternately felt:

  • smug (that I'm giving friends and family something completely unique);
  • worried (that everything wasn't going to come together in time;
  • resentful (lets not go there...);
  • angry (with myself, for choosing NOW as a time to experiment with a new, completely untried recipe that resulted in a completely wasted afternoon with masses of sticky washing up and no 'gift element');
  • panicky (that no one will like what I've sent them/that some of the foods won't have kept well/that there isn't enough in each box);
  • satisfaction (as each box is packed up, with ribbon and trimmings);
  • boredom (trying to use the Post Office in central Reading on the second Saturday before Christmas results in a lot of standing around in a queue);
  • utter relief that it's all over for another year
Maybe next year I'll just do a bit of chifting (charity shop gifting to the uninitiated)....!

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