Monday, 6 February 2012

Ladies and gentlemen...

My first seeds for the 2012 growing season have now been sown!

What a lovely sensation this year, to come to the realisation at the beginning of February that I'm all set for the growing season. My electric propagator was a truly lovely assistant last year, allowing me to get lots of those fiddly crops started early (although not this early in 2011 - I had just had a baby, after all!) Also unlike last year, I'm not hampered by not having anywhere to move seedlings on to - our new greenhouse has been in place since the early summer. True, I haven't quite gotten around to giving it a clean. Nor have I scrubbed last year's seed trays and pots. Hmm - oh well, maybe having seeds in the propagator will prompt me to some housekeeping in the garden!

Sown in February
Tomato - Black Cherry
Tomato - Super Marmande
Tomato - Super Roma
Tomato - Rose de Berne
Broad Bean - Express

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