Thursday, 16 July 2009

Flowers and fruits

The rainy weather has rescued all the plants from the slightly droopy look they adopted towards the end of the heat wave and things are flowering and fruiting like mad this month.

The beans had been looking very healthy for quite a few weeks and had completely taken over their tub. The masses of green foliage was suddenly broken up by dozens of these delicate, pale pink flowers.

Followed, very swiftly, by the bean pods. As they grow, the pods are getting the typical borlotti mottling. And there are looooooooads of them.....

In fact, we got a bit worried about the asparagus peas, which were planted in the same container as the beans. Although they did grow, they didn't advance anything like as fast as the beans and were quickly swallowed up. Then earlier this week, these startling little, dark red flowers appeared. Can't wait for the pea pods!

We've had lots and lots of flowers on the tomatoes, despite the leaf curl the large tub specimens suffered from early on in the season.

We look set to get plenty of cherry tomatoes (two of the plants I thought were Roma plums have actually turned out to be cherry varieties instead).

Great shape!

We've already harvested and eaten our first courgette - doubtless some recipes will follow soon for this never-ending crop....

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