Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mid-month update time

It's time for a mid-month update of all things garden-related......

1. Tomatoes - the Gardener's Delight and Moneymaker, which had looked sick from the week we planted them out, with curling, crispy leaves, have finally recovered and are even starting to flower. All the growth at the top of the plants looks normal, so we're hopeful about a crop. Meanwhile the Roma's have just completely taken off - this pic is from before I did some pruning to let some light and air circulate. These tomatoes are all showing lots of flower trusses now - can't wait!

Lots of growth on the Roma's

Beginnings of some flowers

2. Courgettes - rampaging is the only word. If they weren't in tubs, there'd be trouble. I've had to cut back the foliage on them a couple of times now so that the tomatoes that share the tub (and the marigolds in a tub beside and below) still get some light. They're lovely when they flower tho.

This is about the 5th flower from these three plants

They really brighten up the garden

3. Peas and beans - the beans are still threatening to crowd out the peas, so I keep pinching out the leaves growing over the centre of the container, to give them so air. The beans have grown so much this last week, we've now put in a wigwam of canes to offer some support.

This picture was taken a few days ago and even in that time the beans have grown more!

4. Everything else has either gone over slightly or still going strong. We had another good salad crop yesterday and we had the first, tiniest spring onions last week as we couldn't wait any longer. The red variety are particularly nice to cook with as they a subtle colour. The garlic is still strong, although the leaves are beginning to die down. The spinach isn't anywhere near its bumper crop last month, but I don't think I did enough successional sowing (top tip to remember for next year). And that's about it for now. We're in the process of buying our very first house, which has a fantastic garden already set up with green house and veg plot - I'm trying not to make too many plans until everything is signed and sealed but it's difficult as it's very exciting!

Our salads are so impressive, they've had a visitor!

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