Sunday, 15 March 2009

Just a quick one

Just a quick post to note my recent gardening activities. In the last two weeks I have:
  • planted my tomato seeds. Legend, Gardeners Delight and Moneymaker have all been sown into single module seed trays. I sprinkled a couple of seeds per unit onto compost mixed with organic feed and then covered with a layer of vermiculite. There hasn't been any sign of germination yet, so I've moved the tray into our upstairs front room, to see if more heat from the radiator helps things along!
  • potted up some of the very sturdy looking herb seedlings. I feel a bit more secure that I've got the knack for this now - I did some this afternoon, paying particular attention to some of the seeds that are really leggy, immersing them right down into the compost - apparently their stems will make additional root systems now that I've buried them
  • sown my first mixed salad seeds. These went straight outside into a wooden container filled with compost mixed with organic feed and watered. I sowed a couple of drills (furrows) and will add more each week now until the seeds are finished so that we get continual crops (fingers crossed)
The garlic is growing well, with quite a few long shoots now breaking through the top soil. I wonder if this method of growing (straight out into the final container, no messing) might work best for me - its always been how my Dad has gardened.......!

Well watch this space for more news - I'm trying not to worry about those tomato seeds....

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